It took not just one, but two trusted healers, one a well known Kundalini teacher, the other a breathwork practitioner, to recommend The Magdalen Manuscript to me before I finally ordered it in a fit of stress shopping on the internet (thank you Amazon Prime). These ladies have it going on and I wanted to know what they know, you feel me?

Since then I’ve convinced multiple people to do the same and we are all neck deep in this material.



The Magdalen Manuscript, written by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion, is broken into three parts, each with their own voice. The first part, shares the untold story of Mary Magdalen as channeled through Kenyon and transcribed by Sion.

It follows with a more in depth explanation by Kenyon of the many different internal alchemical practices (Egyptian, Taoist, Tantric, Tibetan Buddhist) and Sion’s own story. Magdalen had asked Sion to share her personal story along with hers explaining that, “one woman’s story is every woman’s story.”

She spares no detail, sharing her life with every bit of vulnerability and authenticity as possible. My personal favorite being Kenyon’s detailed teachings on ancient internal alchemical practices from around the world, including directions on specific meditations. 

In what Kenyon channeled, we get to know a very different Mary Magdalene than most of us may be familiar with. The story she shares is of her experience as a High Initiate in the Temple of Isis and her tantric relationship with Yeshua (who we know as Jesus Christ). I promise this is not Bible fan fiction.

The Magdalen was channeled and the Manuscript is her story, word for word. 

The Manuscript reveals some of the deepest secrets of the Temple of Isis for the first time, in which she’s very outspoken on the ways in which sex has wrongfully been made a sin in the modern church. The biggest takeaways of all being that pleasure, in all forms, are what strengthen our true spirits and the importance of the balance of the divine feminine (Isis). 

As you can probably expect, the entire book is flooded with information you won’t be able to stop reading. So, to give you a little taste and a better idea of the lessons hiding between the pages of the Magdalen Manuscript, I’ve gathered the top quotes below



  1. “ Whatever you do along this path, my advice is to free yourself of all shame. Search out the catacombs of your own mind and heart, seek out the dark places in yourself where shame resides and remove it. Find every opportunity to create ecstasy.”

  2. “From the solar light filled perspective of the masculine principle, the feminine principle carries within her a dark, moist and dangerous abyss. The solar principle feels threatened by the darkness of the lunar aspect. But it is in the joining of the Sun and the Moon, the joining of the masculine and feminine principles, in equilibrium, in energetic balance, that true illumination is attained.”

  3. “Our perceptions of reality are filtered through the limitations of our physical senses as well as our beliefs and expectations.”

  4. “The body is simply not equipped to remain in yang states for long periods of time. It needs yin. It needs time to do nothing, to rest, perchance to dream. But in our Western culture, doing nothing is seen as being lazy. Yet this is sometimes the wisest thing we can do. If you want to be yang, then you had best spend some time being yin.”

  5. “It takes courage and fortitude to stay in the foundry when the heat begins to weaken the stability of one’s self-perceived image.”

  6. “In the crucible of mutual safety, honesty, and appreciation, it is possible to forge a new kind of self. This new self is psychologically more honest, more aware and freer than its counterpart before entering the foundry of relationship. And like the phoenix that arises from its own ashes, this self has wings. It can fly places that it could only imagine before.”