FLOW: Integrating After a Journey With Sacred Entheogenic Medicine

We are beyond excited to be traveling to Costa Rica this August to experience Rythmia, one of our amazing partners, as a team! 


Rythmia is an all inclusive, medically licensed resort, nestled in a private forest in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It is the first medically licensed resort to be able to offer plant medicine ceremonies and integration therapies.

We’ll be present during one of the WITMA owners, Jennifer Sodini’s teaching weeks.

You may remember one of the founders, Brandee Lynn, who spoke on Psychedelic Integration at our most recent WITMA LA event.

 “The medicine initiates a healing process that unfolds over time. 50% of the healing happens on the medicine while the other 50% is up to us to take action to create a practice and implement the insights we received into our everyday life.”

 Integration of the psychedelic experience is becoming more and more recognized as a crucial part of the therapeutic benefits of working with entheogens. Ayahuasca can present some challenging work to an individual looking for healing, and it also presents one of the greatest returns from doing that work.

The focus on this integration of the experience is one of the highlights of the Rythmia experience and what really sets them apart. Rythmia invites many top teachers, including Michael Beckwith, to speak to guests during their experience.  While speaking at our most recent event, Brandee (Rythmia co-founder) shared that she’s a firm believer that integration of the medicine is a continuous process that happens long after the ceremonies are over. So who better to share her personal favorite ways to do so! 


Ayahuasca medicine is magical and miraculous but the medicine does not stop working when the ceremony is over. The medicine initiates a healing process that unfolds over time. In fact 50% of the healing happens on the medicine while the other 50% is up to us to take action to create a practice and implement the insights we received into our everyday life. Integration is just as important as the Ayahuasca ceremony and together you can turn your life into a ceremony and a celebration every day.  

Here are a few things you can consider to do during your integration of Ayahuasca or any sacred plant medicine. 


Create a practice:

Wake up in the morning and create your own unique practice. Meditate even if its only for 5 minutes to connect back with your center and set intentions for the day. Workout, walk, do yoga or something physical for at least 30 minutes. Visualize how you would like your day to look and feel. Think about what you are grateful for. Drink a glass of warm salt water or lemon water. Customize your practice for your preferences.


Get into nature:

It is so important to be in nature, for the most part we are so disconnected from it since we’re constantly blasted by EMFs, pollutants, noise and business. Walk on the ground without you shoes, walk into water, soak in the sun rays, whatever you have access to, as often as you can, the longer and the wilder the better. Plant spirits continue to work with us and heal us long after the ceremony.

Find your tribe:

Find community and stick together. Life can change drastically after Ayahuasca. It can be difficult to explain your experience and gain support from someone who has not done it. In ceremony you most likely connected deeply and authentically with others going through the healing. You are surrounded by a sense of community and people who are on the path to healing and awakening like you are. Then you get back home and it might not be as easy to relate. I suggest to start with the people you met in ceremony and stay connected. Then check out Ayahuasca groups online and the Agape community or other spiritual communities can be great places to meet like minded people. 

 Be in service:

 Being in service keeps us connected to our souls greatest desire. First be in service to yourself: take care of your body, look in the mirror and tell yourself all of the ways you love yourself, listen to your body, eat nutritious food and do things that make your soul sing. Be creative! Play play play. All day long we have opportunities to be in service to our family, people who need help in our community, a charity or cause you are passionate about.  Practice being in service moment to moment, being present, looking for opportunities to love on yourself and others throughout the day.


Before jumping into another ceremony ask yourself if you have integrated from the prior ceremony or if you need more time. The more medicine you drink does not mean you will receive more healing and awakening. I have seen many people get stuck on getting in high numbers of ceremonies even into the hundreds and still suffer from the same problems. The medicine is a catalyst but it’s up to us to build the muscle in life to sustain our healings and awakenings. Integration is so important as we go through the difficulties that come up often after a ceremony. Life brings up opportunities for us to flex our new  muscles and create new behaviors but they are usually challenging life situations. It’s important we stay connected to our center and implement the insights and teachings. Each day is a new opportunity to own our day and turn our life into a ceremony. 

Be sure to follow our team members journey to Rythmia for updates on our experience!

A stay at Rythmia includes more than just plant medicine ceremonies. Rythmia also offers daily yoga, farm to table food, colonic cleanses, a spa and wellness center, and so much more to help you heal and nurture yourself physically and emotionally. To book your stay visit the Rythmia website here to learn more.