Book Review: Now Is The Way by Cory Allen

For modern meditators and those curious to start, Cory Allen’s Now Is The Way answers what Ram Dass’s Be Here Now left unsaid.

Don’t get me wrong, Be Here Now is a book that will forever live on my coffee table. But, however iconic its words and images remain, it’s not exactly a piece of writing easily swallowed by just anyone, especially those new to the wonderful world of mindfulness and spirituality. 


Cory Allen, host of the Astral Hustle Podcast and meditation teacher, on the other hand has made sure his teachings on presence, the reasons, the benefits, and the how-tos of meditation, are both accessible and digestible. Not only that, he adapts meditation techniques to our modern world and our modern obstacles. 

“Resistance is an illusion. When you take a single step forward, you end up walking right through it.” 

We all know mediation is an incredibly helpful tool. Have you ever met a person who regretted meditating? No, because they don’t exist. It’s proven to help with anxiety, stress, depression, focus, even energy, to name a few. Mediation is also free. There’s no need to purchase a fancy sitting cushion or new outfit (unless you really want to). 

But in our modern world, we have notifications demanding our immediate attention, likes and messages offering us the instant gratification we’ve been programmed to crave, there’s an endless scroll for any form of entertainment you could possibly desire, all pulling us out of the present moment before we even notice. 

Cory makes a good point when he asks readers, “Consider this: how mentally unhealthy would it feel for you to check your physical mailbox the same amount of times you check your email?” 

If I got up and checked a landline phone for messages the amount of times I flipped the iPhone laying next to my computer over just while writing this alone, I think my roommates would be dragging me out in a straitjacket.

So how do we come back when the distractions of our modern world have consumed us? Cory offers immediate useful techniques for slowing down and coming back to the present moment when we’ve seemingly forgotten to breathe. Techniques that can be adapted for as little or as much time as you have, that can be done sitting right in your office, car, or bedroom. 


My favorite part of Cory’s book is that he acknowledges the difficulty in just getting started, and keeping with it. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I was intimidated when I first started yoga and meditation. I had a constant voice in my head wondering, “am I doing this right?” And then more: “How long have I been here? How much longer do I have to do this for? Wow this position is uncomfortable. I wonder if he texted me back. No, don’t think about that.” I would end up in a negative thought pattern about how I wasn’t meditating “right.” When in actuality - it was just the method that wasn’t right for me

“There are ways to give yourself a hand if you have a hard time remembering to be present. It could be a note or a reminder on your phone. Do what works for you. If you discover that you don’t respond to one method, try a new one.” 

Cory’s teachings encourage readers to get to know themselves first and foremost, a never-ending and perpetually interesting practice as we’re always changing. His encouragement rings true from the first page to the last. 

Now Is The Way is now available on Amazon and wherever books are sold! Grab your copy today and take the first step toward a lifelong meditation practice with Cory’s guidance and let us know what your favorite part is! 

You can find Cory on Instagram at @heycoryallen and hear him on The Astral Hustle Podcast.