it all began with A FEW KEY WORDS ON AN IPHONE NOTE…

Well-being in the Modern Age (WITMA) was inspired after the original founders synchronously came together in Spring of 2017. From varied backgrounds and disciplines with a shared intention to cultivate an inclusive, and highly conscious event-series exploring what “well-being” truly means in these modern times.

By intentionally curating accessible experiences centered on empowering, imaginative, and alternative view points, WITMA seeks to reach like-minded people interested in facilitating the paradigm shift taking place globally - here and now.

With over 300 physical attendees, an average panelist reach of about 1.5 million impressions, a live-stream audience of 90K+, and extensive podcast coverage on numerous channels - WITMA's foundational event at Neuehouse in NYC on September 22nd, 2017 proved to feed a need for more conscious community.